Goodbye Old Friends– Listening, Reading

originally published 5/11/2015…. edited

Old hiking boots

Old hiking boots


I have purchased new hiking boots.

It is time to throw the old ones away.  I have worn them out.  The treads on the bottom are almost gone, and they are actually a little bit dangerous in the wet.

When I look back on the places these boots have taken me, and the things we have experienced together…


These Boots have been my companions, my support for many life experiences.  They have been on my feet  for Walks on the concrete sidewalks of many cities ( Toronto, Vancouver, Tokyo, Seoul, Quito, ) I have worn them on hikes in the backwoods and on the trails of 3 different continents, down into the mouth of an inactive volcano,  while struggling up the side of another volcano, as well as walking at night over the continental divide. They have been with me horseback riding in the Andes, exploring caves,wading through streams, hiking up mountains, trekking through rainforests, crossing frozen lakes, and riding motorcycles.  I have worn them while strolling on beaches to see the sunset on one side of the Pacific, and to see the Sunrise on the opposite side.

There are a lot of memories in these boots.

My new boots are lighter, and the treads seem to be more high tech.  It will be interesting to see what memories they will help me create.


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