English Language Education

The English Language

English is an easy language to learn.

English is a difficult language to master.

English is an easy language to communicate in.

English is a difficult language to become fluent in.

English Native speakers :

  • when starting school know 500-6,000 words
  • without a formal education know 35,000 words
  • who finish high-school know 50,000 words
  • who finish  college-educated know 50-75,000 words

The number of Words in the English Language — 1,022,000 ( and new words being added daily)

Let me guide you to learn the vocabulary, to be able to speak,to become a master of this important and world wide language.

Please Contact me if you would like more information

I prefer to  teach through several different sites. They offer extras to you as a student as well as peace of mind when you book classes. These are popular sites that you may be on already.  My profiles are:


Sign up with Verbling using this link and get a $5 credit.  I like using Verbling because of it’s modern design and ease of scheduling.  The site uses its own custom communication tools.  It is an effective means of learning.


If you use this link to sign up on italki you can receive   $10 in credit. italki has their own platform, but most students/teachers use Skype or Zoom.us

Private Classes

You can also book through this site for private one on one classes.