About me Teacher Glenn

Me, TokyoWho I am

I am a middle-aged Canadian man who has had an interesting life.  I don’t know who coined the term “a life well lived” but my life fits that expression.


Why do I teach English

I did not start out to be an english teacher. I have been a roadie for rock bands, a front of house sound engineer, an electronic technician specializing in musical instruments & sound recording  equipment, the technical director at a recording studio and a business owner and photographer.  In all of these positions I was also a person who enjoyed mentoring and tutoring. I taught electronics at community college.  I ran workshops and educational programs in audio and photography.  It has always been important to me to share the knowledge I had.

040110--616-aI had an assignment ( as a photographer) to photograph ladies in Kimonos in Tokyo.  I fell in love with the city.  In order to spend more time there I studied to get my TESL/ TEFL

The amazing thing I found out about Teaching English is, I like it, and I am very good at it.


Why do I teach on-line

I really like to explore new locations.  I like to meet new people.  The problem is I then have to leave my students behind as I move on.  With modern technology and the internet, I can still explore while continuing to help my students reach their goals.



What can you expect from me as a teacher.

The most important part of teaching for me, is helping my students know and understand the topic.  My students are usually teenagers and adults ( I specialize in adult learning).  People at this stage of their learning need a different style of class then children.

Respect.  Your life, experiences, culture and knowledge is different from mine.  One is not better than the other just different.  I will respect who you are and what you know.

Professional.  You have a goal in your lessons.  It is very important to me that I help you reach your goal in a professional manner.

I teach English in a respectful and professional manner while helping guide you to your goals.

How Can you book me as a teacher?


I prefer to  teach through several different sites. They offer extras to you as a student as well as peace of mind when you book classes. These are popular sites that you may be on already.  My profiles are:


Sign up with Verbling using this link and get a $5 credit.  I like using Verbling because of it’s modern design and ease of scheduling.


If you use this link to sign up on italki you can receive  $10 in credit.


You can contact me through my contact form.  we will arrange a free consultation where we can discussion your needs and goals.